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BRUNO PAILLARD champagne Extra brut 72 Months
BRUNO PAILLARD champagne Extra brut 72 Months

BRUNO PAILLARD champagne Extra brut 72 Months

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With a maturation of 72 months, shared between aging on lees and post-disgorging rest, this cuvée enriches the range of the Bruno Paillard house by bringing a new dimension to Extra-Brut.

The golden color and fine perlage of Cuvée 72 precede a complex bouquet where citrus fruits, white flowers, bread crust, saffron, and cedar wood mingle. The palate reveals a lively attack and a creamy texture, with flavors of redcurrant jelly, black fruits, honey, and dried fruits, with a long and pure finish. This champagne is intended to be an ideal companion for fine dishes such as oysters, scallop carpaccio, or a poultry dish with mushrooms, thus celebrating the richness of its terroir and the excellence of its production.

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Champagne BRUNO PAILLARD Extra Brut “Cuvée 72”: A Journey through Time and Flavors

Champagne Bruno Paillard Extra Brut “Cuvée 72” embodies a remarkable expression of tradition and innovation. Born from a 72-month maturation process, elegantly combining 36 months in bottle on lees followed by 36 months of rest after disgorging, this exceptional cuvée offers a new dimension to the Première Cuvée Extra-Brut. It is a journey through time that highlights the complexity and depth of a great champagne.

The Genesis of the Cuvée Bruno Paillard 72

The Extra Brut 72 Champagne Cuvée is the result of a delicate alchemy between tradition and audacity. Little sister of the famous Première Cuvée Extra-Brut, it is made from a perpetual reserve enriched at each harvest by a selection of first presses of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier. Some of these grape varieties benefit from a first fermentation in barrels, giving the cuvée its unique character and aromatic intensity.

Assembly: The Art of Balance

The assembly of Cuvée 72 is a true act of creation: 45% Pinot Noir for structure, 33% Chardonnay for finesse and 22% Pinot Meunier for roundness. This meticulous composition is the secret of its perfect harmony, reflecting the unparalleled know-how of the BRUNO PAILLARD house.

Breeding: Rewarded Patience

The aging of the Cuvée de Champagne Bruno Paillard 72 is a demanding 72-month process, split into two crucial phases. The first 36 months on lees in the bottle are followed by 36 months of post-disgorging maturation. This traditional method is the key to the complexity and depth of flavors that the vintage reveals.
Bruno Paillard champagne tasting: A Sensory Symphony

At the eye

The color of Cuvée 72, a bright straw gold with yellow reflections, announces the richness of its flavors. The very fine beading promises a delicate and refined experience.

At nose

The first nose, slightly dominated by citrus fruits, gradually opens with aromas of white flowers and bread crust. Spicy notes of saffron and cedarwood enrich the bouquet, offering unexpected complexity.

In mouth

The lively and enveloping attack confirms the nose, with flavors of redcurrant jelly and black fruits. The creamy texture reveals notes of honey and dried fruits, punctuated by a chalky presence. The finish, of exceptional purity, is long and ample.

A Homage to the Land of Champagne and to Time

Cuvée 72 is more than a champagne; it is a tribute to the land of Champagne and to time. Each stage of its creation, from harvest to tasting, is a celebration of patience and respect for natural cycles.

Gourmet Food and Champagne Pairings

This exceptional champagne is ideally accompanied by fine dishes. Fresh oysters, a scallop carpaccio or a poultry dish with mushrooms will enhance its complex aromas.

The Commitment of Maison Bruno Paillard

Maison Bruno Paillard stands out for its commitment to excellence and respect for the environment. Cuvée 72 is the symbol of this commitment, reflecting the house's passion and dedication to the art of champagne.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Cuvée 72 apart from other champagnes?
Cuvée 72 is unique due to its 72-month maturation process, combining aging on lees and maturation after disgorging, which enriches its complexity and aromatic depth.

How to serve Cuvée 72 to maximize its flavors?
For the best experience, serve Cuvée 72 at a temperature of 8-10°C in tall champagne flutes.

Can we keep Cuvée 72, and if so, for how long?
Cuvée 72 can be stored in the cellar, protected from light and temperature variations, several years after its purchase, allowing its aromas to flourish further.

Which dishes does Cuvée 72 go best with?
Cuvée 72 goes perfectly with refined dishes such as seafood, delicate fish or even poultry-based dishes.

Is Cuvée 72 available internationally?
Yes, Cuvée 72 is distributed through a selected network of wine merchants and gourmet restaurants around the world and on the Champagne We Love Bubbles sales site.

What is the best occasion to taste Cuvée 72?
Cuvée 72 is ideal for celebrating exceptional moments, but also for enhancing moments of conviviality and sharing.

Champagne BRUNO PAILLARD Extra Brut “Cuvée 72” is an invitation to explore the nuances and complexity of a great champagne. Each bubble is a tribute to time, to the earth, and to the French art of living.

Bruno Paillard
BRUNO PAILLARD Extra brut 72 Mois

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BRUNO PAILLARD champagne Extra brut 72 Months
BRUNO PAILLARD champagne Extra brut 72 Months

BRUNO PAILLARD champagne Extra brut 72 Months

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