Blida champagne glass 9 cl (Set of 6)
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DOM PERIGNON champagne Rosé 2008 vintage
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Champagne cellar visits and tastings

Exploring the secrets of how the exquisite sparkling drink is produced, Champagne cellar tours offer an informative and memorable experience. You will be able to discover the production methods used by the world-renowned Champagne winemakers, as well as their facilities, which are located in breathtakingly beautiful regions of France. During a guided tour, you'll also learn about the different varieties of Champagne, such as Brut, Blanc de Blancs, and Rosé, and gain insight into the nuanced winemaking processes that make each variety unique.

As well as gaining knowledge about this luxurious drink through a tour of the cellar, you can also take part in a guided tasting session. During these intimate encounters with experienced sommeliers or winemakers, you can taste different champagnes and appreciate the complex aromas and flavors that set them apart. By savoring delicately sweet blends or crisp sparkling drinks created by winemakers, you will be able to identify the type of champagne that best suits your tastes. Snacking on some cheese or fresh fruit throughout your tasting can also enhance the flavors of these special bubbles.

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