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AYALA champagne Brut Nature
AYALA champagne Brut Nature

AYALA champagne Brut Nature

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Bright and fluid wine, complex nose revealing a panoply of scents from white peach to coconut milk including lemon zest and golden almond. A clean and fresh chalky palate, luscious finish of iodized foam.

Ayala Brut Nature champagne embodies excellence in its raw state in the world of champagnes. Its purity without dosage during disgorging and its meticulously orchestrated vinification process in the new stainless steel vat room testify to authentic and unique know-how. This cuvée is distinguished by its balanced blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier, offering incomparable aromatic complexity.

This champagne goes wonderfully with the most refined dishes, from salty dishes to exotic dishes, for subtle and elegant pairings.

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Champagne Ayala Brut Nature: Elegance in the Brut State

In the effervescent world of champagnes, Ayala Brut Nature stands out with its pure and unadorned style. This champagne vintage, produced without disgorging dosage, embodies excellence in its raw state. Each bubble reveals a subtle balance between the freshness of the grapes and technical mastery, the result of authentic and singular know-how.

The vinification of this champagne vintage is part of an approach of absolute precision. Part of the process takes place in the new stainless steel vat room, a true technological feat which achieves remarkable purity and sensory clarity. Each step, from harvest to final blend, is guided by constant attention, necessary to express the very essence of this exceptional champagne.

The Quintessence of Ayala Champagne

Ayala Brut Nature champagne reveals all its complexity after prolonged aging in the cellar. This champagne reveals unparalleled elegance, the result of deliberately prolonged autolysis. This signature gives the cuvée an incomparable depth and aromatic richness, highlighting the exceptional quality of the grapes, rigorously selected from the best vintages of Champagne.

The blend of this Brut Nature champagne vintage is a true symphony of flavors. Mainly composed of Chardonnay, this champagne expresses all the finesse and delicacy of this emblematic grape variety. The Pinot Noir brings its structure and its power, while the Meunier completes the whole with subtlety. The result is a perfect balance, where each grape variety contributes to the general harmony, in a spirit of purity and refinement of this sparkling wine.

Champagne Brut Nature Ayala: Gastronomic Escape

Ayala Brut Nature champagne offers an infinite palette of gastronomic pairings, making each tasting an unforgettable sensory journey. This Ayala champagne pairs wonderfully with the most refined dishes, enhancing each mouthful with incomparable elegance.

Iodized dishes reveal all their finesse in the company of this exceptional champagne. From oysters to shellfish, including raw fish, each dish finds a choice ally in Ayala Brut Nature, magnifying marine flavors with subtlety and elegance.

The perfect harmony between the freshness of Brut Nature champagne and the spicy notes of Thai cuisine also make it an ideal companion for exotic dishes. Sushi, maki, sashimi... each dish finds a perfect echo in Ayala Brut Nature, for pairings that are as surprising as they are delicious.

Tasting of Brut Nature champagne

From the first glance, Ayala Brut Nature champagne captivates with its golden color, embellished with subtle silver reflections. This luminous effervescence evokes the freshness and liveliness of this exceptional champagne, inviting you to a unique sensory journey.

On the nose, the Brut Nature Ayala champagne vintage reveals all its complexity, with frank and precise notes of citrus fruits, enhanced by a delicate touch of salinity. Each aroma seems to dance in the champagne glass, announcing a tasting of rare intensity.

On the palate, Ayala Brut Nature champagne reveals all its finesse and purity. The aromatic complexity combines with vibrant tension, offering a perfect balance between chiseled minerality and invigorating freshness. Each bubble of champagne is a true invitation to travel, where the senses are awakened and ignited in a whirlwind of flavors.

Champagne features

The Ayala Brut Nature is a champagne with one seriously unique characteristic: unlike many other champagnes, it has had no sweet liqueur added. But don't think this detracts from the overall quality – indeed, here is a champagne which is both elegant and fruity, elegant and exquisite.

Crystalline and shimmering gild, the Ayala Brut Nature presents a nose full of subtle fruity notes, added to by elegant floral and citrus aromas. Once on the palate, it gets to work quickly and with a surprisingly intense attack full of excitement.

Then the wine develops further. Fruity notes and a soft touch of mineral is made even more joyous by the complex notes of harvest. A fine treat to marry with lobster and caviar – as well as sushi – the blend also works fantastically with cheese such as Brie, Coulommiers or Chaource.

And once the evening winds down, don't think its time is up: the Ayala Brut Nature, with its grapes sourced only from Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards, is a fine companion for a late night cigar smoking session with friends or alone.

Made up of 45% Pinot Black, 30% Chardonnay and 25% Pinot Meunier, this impressive assembly of flavours is finally finished beautifully with 20% of reserve wines.
Type : Extra Brut
Grapes : Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier
Tasting Tips :
Conservation : to drink now or keep up to 3 years in cellar
Degustation : 8/9 C

Champagne Ayala Brut Nature (FAQ)

Q: What makes Ayala Brut Nature unique?

A: Brut Nature champagne from Ayala is distinguished by its pure style and without disgorging dosage, highlighting the very essence of the Champagne terroir.

Q: What dishes can be accompanied by this Brut Nature champagne?

A: This Ayala champagne goes perfectly with iodized dishes such as oysters, raw fish and shellfish, as well as with Thai cuisine and Japanese dishes such as sushi and sashimi.

Q: What is the composition of the blend of this Ayala Brut Nature champagne?

A: Ayala Brut Nature is mainly composed of Chardonnay (55%), followed by Pinot Noir (30%) and Meunier (15%).

Q: How does the vinification of this exceptional champagne vintage take place?

A: Part of the vinification of this champagne takes place in the new stainless steel vat room, combining tradition and technology to create a wine of remarkable precision.

Q: What is special about the prolonged autolysis of this vintage?

A: The prolonged autolysis gives the cuvée an elegant complexity, revealing all the aromatic richness of the grapes from the best vintages of Champagne.

Q: What are the sensory characteristics of this champagne?

A: Ayala Brut Nature champagne is characterized by precise citrus aromas and chiseled minerality, offering a complex and clean taste experience.

champagne AYALA Brut Nature
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AYALA champagne Brut Nature
AYALA champagne Brut Nature

AYALA champagne Brut Nature

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