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CATTIER champagne Brut Premier Cru
CATTIER champagne Brut Premier Cru

CATTIER champagne Brut Premier Cru

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Mainly from the Chigny les Roses cru, a village where the whites and blacks are of high quality to produce excellent cuvées almost at the level of grand cru.

Most of the meunier variety reveals notes of plum, fig, superbly delicious wine, young, beautiful floral bouquet of acacia flowers and biscuit, the palate opens with a fresh length.

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Champagne CATTIER Brut Premier Cru: Intense Fruity Elegance

CATTIER Brut Premier Cru champagne, made from a blend mainly composed of black grapes from nine exceptional villages, in particular Ludes, Chigny-les-Roses and Rilly-la-Montagne, embodies the quintessence of the Cattier style. With a predominance of Meunier, this cuvée is distinguished by its elegance, generosity and intense fruitiness. In this detailed description, let's dive into the refined universe of this exceptional champagne and discover what makes it so unique.

A Balanced Blend

Blending is a crucial step in the creation of an excellent champagne. For CATTIER Brut Premier Cru, the balance of grape varieties is the key to its unique character. With 60% Meunier, 20% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, this cuvée draws its aromatic richness from this harmonious combination. In addition, 40% reserve wines are integrated, giving additional depth and complexity to the champagne.

Aging in Cellars by CATTIER

Aging is an essential step for champagne to reach full maturity and develop its subtle aromas. CATTIER Brut Premier Cru benefits from more than 4 years of cellar aging. This maturation period allows the flavors to integrate harmoniously and reach their peak. It is a testimony to the commitment of Maison CATTIER to the quality and excellence of its products.

The Perfect Dosage

Dosage is the art of adding the final touch to champagne. With a dosage of 8 g/L, CATTIER Brut Premier Cru finds the perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. This subtle dosage highlights the fruity aromas while maintaining a delicate liveliness. When you taste this champagne, you will appreciate how the dosage contributes to its elegant charm.

A Captivating Tasting

Now, let’s dive into tasting the CATTIER Brut Premier Cru. This section will guide you through the visual, olfactory and taste examination of this prestigious champagne.

Eye: When you pour CATTIER Brut Premier Cru into your glass, you will immediately be captivated by its light yellow gold color. The fine, lively bubbles form elegantly, creating an enchanting visual spectacle.

Nose: Bring the glass to your nose, and the aromas will invade you with intensity. You will discover notes of biscuit, reminiscent of speculoos, as well as white flowers, such as acacia. The fruits reveal themselves intensely, with nuances of fig and plum.

Mouth: In the mouth, you will be seduced by its lively attack. The first notes are brioche, evoking the deliciousness of a fresh pastry. Then, flavors of peach and citrus mingle subtly. Gradually, hints of dried fruits, such as hazelnut, are revealed, followed by sweet aromas of acacia honey and black fruits, notably blackcurrant, blackberry and cherry. The finish is both fresh and delicious, prolonging the sensory experience.

Sublime Food & Wine Pairings

CATTIER Brut Premier Cru champagne is an invitation to culinary harmony. Whether you want to enjoy it as an aperitif, as an accompaniment to main dishes or as a dessert, it offers exceptional versatility.
As an aperitif: To start a meal, serve Brut Premier Cru with cheese gougères. The freshness of the bubbles and the delicate aromas of champagne pair perfectly with these tasty bites.
With white meats: When you opt for poultry dishes, such as guinea fowl, enhanced with a citrus sauce, the CATTIER Brut Premier Cru proves to be an inspired choice. The fruity notes and liveliness of champagne bring a unique taste dimension to this combination.
Fine fish: To accompany noble fish such as sea bass or pike perch, this champagne is ideal. Its freshness and structure will enhance the delicate flavors of these delicious dishes.
For dessert: If you have a sweet preference, CATTIER Brut Premier Cru can also be combined with desserts. Its fruity character goes wonderfully with a creamy rice pudding or a fresh fruit salad.

Rewards and Deserved Distinctions

CATTIER Brut Premier Cru has conquered the palates of wine experts around the world. His exceptional qualities have been recognized and rewarded by several prestigious juries.

  • THE CHAMPAGNE GUIDE 2020: This eminent guide awarded an impressive score of 90/100 to CATTIER Brut Premier Cru, thus confirming its status as an exceptional champagne.
  • BLIND TASTED 2019: In 2019, during a blind tasting, this champagne obtained an enviable score of 90/100, testifying to its consistency in quality.
  • DECANTER 2019: A silver medal was awarded to CATTIER Brut Premier Cru by the prestigious DECANTER competition in 2019, an honor that reflects its excellence.
  • DRINKS BUSINESS 2018: In 2018, during the DRINKS BUSINESS competition, this champagne received the gold medal, a highly coveted distinction.

FAQ - Let's answer your questions

Now that you know more about CATTIER Brut Premier Cru champagne, it's time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this precious nectar.
Q: What does the inscription "Premier Cru" on the label represent?
A: The term "Premier Cru" indicates a higher quality classification of the grapes used to produce this champagne. This ensures that only the best located grapes are selected.
Q: How should I serve CATTIER Brut Premier Cru?
A: Ideally, serve this champagne well chilled, at a temperature of 8 to 10 degrees Celsius, to fully enjoy it. Use elegant champagne flutes to showcase bubbles and aromas.

The Art of Maison CATTIER

Maison CATTIER, founded in 1763, has a long tradition of creating excellent champagnes. For more than 250 years, it has been able to perpetuate its craftsmanship while embracing innovation. Each stage of production is carefully orchestrated to guarantee quality, from the vine to the bottle.

CATTIER Brut Premier Cru champagne is much more than a sparkling wine, it is a true work of art in the bottle. Its subtle assembly, its aging in the cellar, its perfect dosage and its aromas make it an essential choice.

champagne CATTIER Brut Premier Cru

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CATTIER champagne Brut Premier Cru
CATTIER champagne Brut Premier Cru

CATTIER champagne Brut Premier Cru

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