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CATTIER champagne Brut Nature Premier Cru
CATTIER champagne Brut Nature Premier Cru

CATTIER champagne Brut Nature Premier Cru

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Without dosage, this wine expresses itself on freshness, youthful wine, with a buttery nose, of fresh fruit and vanilla, gourmet palate well balanced between the creaminess of the wine and its tangy fruit of lime.

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Cattier Brut Nature Premier Cru champagne is a sparkling wine that embodies both liveliness and elegance. Fruit of a blend mainly composed of black grapes from our 9 favorite champagne villages, in particular Ludes, Chigny-les-Roses and Rilly-la-Montagne, this cuvée bears witness to the high quality of the grapes used by Maison Cattier and the its exceptional skill in assembly. Thanks to the quintessence of its terroirs, this champagne is distinguished by its generosity and intense fruitiness, thus offering a unique taste experience.

The Charm of a Unique Blend

The Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru is a carefully crafted blend, harmoniously combining different grape varieties. Composed of 60% Meunier, 30% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay, this cuvée reveals all the complexity and balance of the characteristic flavors of the Champagne region. In addition, 30% reserve wines have been added to provide additional depth to the champagne's taste profile.

An Exceptional Aging on Lees

To guarantee a champagne of impeccable quality, the Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru has benefited from aging on lees for more than 3 years in the cellars. This process allows the flavors to fully develop and gives the champagne a rich, creamy texture. Thanks to this prolonged maturation, each sip of this champagne offers an exceptional sensory experience, worthy of the most demanding palates.

A Champagne Without Dosage

One of the elements that distinguishes the Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru is the absence of dosage. Indeed, no sugar has been added after fermentation, which preserves the authentic expression of the wine and enhances its purity. This audacious choice testifies to the confidence of Maison Cattier in the intrinsic quality of its grapes and its commitment to offer a champagne of incomparable finesse and elegance.

The Champagne Tasting Experience

When you pour this champagne into your glass, you will immediately be seduced by its golden yellow color and its magnificent string of fine bubbles. On the nose, fresh and gourmet aromas of biscuit and buttered bread gradually reveal themselves, followed by notes of pear and citrus fruits, in particular lime. Spicy touches with hints of vanilla complete this harmonious olfactory ensemble. On the palate, the attack is dynamic, with an explosion of flavors of lime and pear. Delicate spicy notes open the way to a finish that reveals aromas of toasted brioche, offering a complex and refined taste experience. The length in the mouth is remarkable, with a persistent freshness.

Sublime Food-Champagne Pairings

The Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru is a versatile champagne that will enhance your meals and your tasting moments. As an aperitif champagne par excellence, it can be enjoyed on its own to celebrate a special occasion or accompany moments of conviviality with friends. However, it also finds its place at the table and harmonizes marvelously with certain dishes.

Seafood and champagne

On a seafood platter, its freshness and liveliness blend perfectly with the delicate flavors of oysters, shrimps and crabs. The effervescence and aromatic complexity of this champagne sublimate the seafood, thus offering a balanced and refined taste symphony. A citrus seabass ceviche is also a good choice to accompany this champagne. The citrus notes present in the Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru blend harmoniously with the tangy flavors of the marinated fish, thus creating a surprising harmony of taste. For lovers of scallops, this champagne will be the ideal companion. The finesse of its bubbles and its balanced structure highlight the delicate texture and subtle taste of scallops. Whether pan-fried, au gratin or simply raw as a carpaccio, scallops go perfectly with this exceptional champagne.

Champagne and cheese

Finally, if you like cheese, the Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru goes perfectly with a young Comté of 12 or 18 months. The freshness and liveliness of the champagne counterbalances the richness of the cheese, thus creating a remarkable taste balance. Let the flavors mingle on your palate and savor this harmonious marriage between champagne and Comté.

Awards and Recognition

The Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru from Maison Cattier has been praised by prestigious institutions and wine experts. Among them, the Vinalies Internationales 2019 awarded this champagne the silver medal, thus testifying to its exceptional quality and distinctive character. In addition, famous wine critic Jancis Robinson gave it a score of 16.5/20 in 2020, recognizing its excellence and aging potential. These awards and recognitions reinforce the reputation of Maison Cattier as a producer of exceptional champagnes, combining traditional know-how and innovation.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Champagne

Q: What is the definition of "Brut Nature Premier Cru"?

A: Brut Nature" means that this champagne has not received a sugar dosage after fermentation, thus offering a pure and authentic expression of the wine. "Premier Cru" refers to the classification of the vineyards used for the elaboration of this cuvée, these being classified among the best terroirs in the Champagne region.

Q: How long can Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru be kept?

A: Thanks to its prolonged aging on lees and its balanced structure, Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru can be kept for several years, it continues to develop and evolve in the bottle, offering new aromatic nuances and increased complexity, however, it is recommended to drink it within 3 to 5 years of purchase. to take full advantage of its freshness and liveliness.

Q: Can Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru be served with a meal?

A: Absolutely!This champagne goes perfectly with a wide variety of dishes. Whether as an accompaniment to seafood, fish, poultry or cheese, the Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru will bring a touch of elegance and refinement to your meal. Its fresh character and balanced structure make it a versatile choice for all occasions.

Q: How should the Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru be served?

A: To fully appreciate the aromas and flavors of this champagne, it is recommended to serve it at a temperature between 8°C and 10°C. Use champagne flutes to preserve the effervescence and observe the formation of the bead of bubbles. You can also enjoy it in tulip-shaped white wine glasses to allow the aromas to fully express themselves.

Q: Is the Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru suitable for people who prefer less sweet champagnes?

A: Absolutely! The Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru is ideal for those who appreciate dry and less sweet champagnes. Its absence of dosage makes it a perfect choice for those looking for a pure expression of wine, without adding sugar. You will be seduced by its freshness, liveliness and balance on the palate.

The Cattier Champagne House - Excellence and Heritage

Maison Cattier is a name that resonates with excellence and tradition in the world of champagne. Founded in 1763, it is one of the oldest Champagne houses and remains today an independent family business. Over the generations, Maison CATTIER has managed to preserve its unique know-how and its attachment to quality.

Located in the village of Chigny-les-Roses, in the heart of Champagne, Maison Cattier cultivates its own vines and benefits from an exceptional terroir. The grapes are carefully selected and harvested by hand, then vinified with passion and precision to give birth to champagnes of great elegance and rare finesse.

Maison CATTIER makes it a point of honor to respect traditions while integrating modern techniques to guarantee the constant quality of its champagnes. Each bottle is the result of meticulous work, attention to detail and a search for excellence at every stage of production.

An Unforgettable Sparkling Wine Experience

The Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru from Maison Cattier is much more than a simple champagne. It is a real sensory experience that transports wine lovers to a world of finesse, elegance and gustatory pleasure. By opting for the Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru, you are choosing a champagne that embodies the excellence, craftsmanship and passion of a family house. In conclusion, the Cuvée Brut Nature Premier Cru from Maison Cattier is a champagne that embodies purity, elegance and passion. Its meticulous assembly, its aging on the lees and its absence of dosage make it an exceptional wine, worthy of the greatest occasions.

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CATTIER champagne Brut Nature Premier Cru
Champagne Cattier Brut Nature Premier Cru - Pure elegance and exquisite flavors

CATTIER champagne Brut Nature Premier Cru

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