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LEHMANN Champagne Flutes - GD Champagne – 45 CL (Box of 2)
LEHMANN Champagne Flutes - GD Champagne – 45 CL (Box of 2)

LEHMANN Champagne Flutes - GD Champagne – 45 CL (Box of 2)

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La Flûte de Champagne Lehmann GD CHAMPAGNE – 45 CL, un chef-d'œuvre artisanal de la collection signature P. Jamesse. Cette flûte incarne l'élégance et la subtilité nécessaires pour apprécier pleinement les nuances des grands vins. Avec une capacité de 45 cl et des dimensions harmonieuses, elle offre une expérience de dégustation inégalée.

Réalisée selon un procédé de soufflé bouche ancestral, elle allie finesse et durabilité. Pour son entretien, elle est compatible avec le lave-vaisselle, mais il est préférable d'utiliser un programme spécifique. Un lavage manuel à l'eau chaude est également recommandé, suivi d'un essuyage délicat avec un chiffon en microfibres.

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Welcome to the world of the Lehmann GD CHAMPAGNE – 45 CL Champagne Flute, a true artisanal masterpiece created with passion and expertise. This signature P. Jamesse collection, designed by a Head Sommelier and "Champagne Specialist", embodies the elegance and subtlety needed to fully appreciate the nuances of color, energy and fragrances of great wines. We'll take you through the unique characteristics of this exceptional champagne flute, as well as the craftsmanship behind its making.

The Unique Characteristics of the GD CHAMPAGNE Lehmann Champagne Flute – 45 CL

The P. Jamesse signature collection is distinguished by its unique characteristics, offering an unparalleled tasting experience. With a capacity of 45 cl, this champagne flute is perfectly proportioned to reveal the most subtle aromas and the most delicate flavors of your favorite champagne. Its harmonious dimensions, with a height of 234 mm and a diameter of 88 mm, have been carefully studied to allow a comfortable grip and an elegant presentation.

The P. Jamesse Signature Collection

Immerse yourself in the refined universe of the P. Jamesse collection, created by a Head Sommelier and “Champagne Specialist”. The elegant and spherical curves of this collection captivate the eye and subtly reveal the shades of color, energy and fragrances of great wines. Each champagne flute is the result of a perfect marriage between aesthetics and functionality, thus offering a unique tasting experience to all champagne lovers.

An Artisanal Process: Mouth Blown

The Mouth Soufflé: A Thousand-Year-Old Craft

The mouth-blown process is an art that dates back more than 2000 years. Each champagne flute is made with meticulousness, rigor and ancestral know-how. In close collaboration with our Master Glassmakers, we perpetuate the purest traditions to create exceptional pieces, real jewels to sublimate your tasting moments.

Ultralight: An Exceptional Innovation

After two years of research and development, Lehmann is proud to present the latest innovation: the Ultralight manufacturing process. This technique combines exceptional finesse and optimal lightness, offering a "wow" effect to our signature mouth-blown and machine-blown collections. Discover a perfect balance between elegance and practicality.

Easy Maintenance of the Lehmann Champagne Flute for Maximum Durability

How to take care of your GD CHAMPAGNE – 45 CL champagne flute?

  • Dishwasher Safe Glass: With its premium design, this champagne flute is safe to wash in your dishwasher. However, to preserve its natural shine and exceptional shine, we recommend that you use a specific program for glasses.
  • Manual washing: If you prefer hand washing, we advise you to use hot water without detergent. This will ensure thorough cleaning while preserving the integrity of the glass.
  • Wiping with a Microfiber Cloth: To enhance the shine of your champagne flute, we recommend that you use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe the glass. This simple but effective trick will restore all its shine.
  • Precautions when wiping: When wiping the champagne flute, be careful not to turn the base and the parison in opposite directions to avoid any twisting or deformation.
  • Restore the Natural Shine of the Glass: If you want to restore your champagne flute to its natural shine, you can soak a cloth in a few drops of white vinegar. Gently run the cloth over the glass to restore its full shine.

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is the Lehmann GD CHAMPAGNE – 45 CL champagne flute suitable for all types of champagne ?
Answer: Absolutely! This champagne flute has been specially designed to enhance all types of champagne, from the lightest cuvées to the richest and most complex. Thanks to its elegant shape and its ideal capacity of 45 cl, it reveals all the aromas and flavors of your favorite champagne.

Question: Is the glass fragile due to its mouth-blown construction?
Answer: Although mouth-blown manufacturing is a delicate process, the GD CHAMPAGNE – 45 CL champagne flute is designed to be resistant and durable. With the proper care precautions, it will see you through many moments of celebration and pleasure.

In conclusion, the GD CHAMPAGNE – 45 CL Lehmann Champagne Flute is much more than a simple champagne glass, it is a work of art that enhances your tasting experience. Thanks to its elegant design

Flûtes à Champagne LEHMANN - GD Champagne – 45 CL (Coffret de 2)
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LEHMANN Champagne Flutes - GD Champagne – 45 CL (Box of 2)
Premium Champagne Flutes - 2-Piece Set - 45 CL

LEHMANN Champagne Flutes - GD Champagne – 45 CL (Box of 2)

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