A. BERGERE champagne Rosé De Saignée
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LARMANDIER-BERNIER champagne Longitude
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Behind every great champagne is its own unique and colourful history; in the case of Champagne Pol Roger, it began months after the liberation of Paris (also referred to as “Battle of Paris”), during World War Two, when the luxurious 1928 vintage was served at a luncheon hosted by the British Ambassador in a gift to France.
Basking in sunshine and enjoying the benefit of warm days and cool nights, the 2002 harvest was generous to its grapes, producing musts of approximately 10.5% alcohol (along with 7.2 g/l acid). Owing to their high sugar content, this naturally promised great things to come: namely a supple champagne which would produce both long aromatic notes in the Chardonnay and rich fruit characteristics in the esteemed Pinot Noir.
Traditionalists might argue that champagne should only ever be enjoyed in its pure, unadulterated form, but that doesn't stop the more adventurous party-goers from experimenting with cocktails inspired by this most excellent drink.
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For years, lovers of champagne the world over have celebrated its unique characteristics with a wide variety of foods, and all would undoubtedly agree that in order to preserve its flavour