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The Deep Roots of Chavost

Chavost, the name resonates like a symphony of history and wine tradition. Founded in 1946, the wine estate is the fruit of the ancestral determination of the elders, the winegrowers of Chavot-Courcourt. Anchored between the Saint-Martin church and the majestic hill of Mont-Félix, this place embodies the precious heritage of a glorious past.

A Legacy Passed On - The Praise of Chavost-Courcourt

Passionately transmitting a love of the earth, sharing and solidarity, the elders have instilled fundamental values. Today, this heritage continues to inspire an unfailing dedication to producing grapes of exceptional quality, shaping unique champagnes, testimonies of passion and commitment.

Viticulture in Evolution - Champagne Chavost, Commitment to the Environment

On the 5 hectares of vines, a transition to organic farming is underway. This strong commitment to environmentally friendly practices illustrates a determined desire to preserve the terroir and promote sustainable viticulture. This evolution towards organic is part of a global vision of preserving the ecosystem.

The Vision of Innovative Development

Fabian, a passionate winemaker, embodies the innovative spirit of the estate. With ten years of rich experience in vineyards around the world, his return has brought new ideas and a different approach to winemaking. Its objective: to create extraordinary champagnes, limiting or even excluding the addition of inputs to reveal the very essence of the terroir.

The “And No Added Sulfites” Range! » Commitment and Innovation

The “And No Added Sulfites!” range » represents the estate's environmental commitment. It offers unique, authentic and atypical wines thanks to expert and delicate vinification, without the addition of sulphites. This range enriches the traditional offering, fully embodying the vision of natural and respectful viticulture.

Frequently Asked Questions champagne Chavost (FAQ)

Q: Are Chavost champagnes certified organic?
A: The estate is converting to organic farming, marking its commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Q: What is special about the “And No Added Sulfites!” range? ?
A: This range offers wines made without the addition of sulphites, offering unique and authentic characteristics.

Q: Who is the winemaker in charge of producing Chavost champagnes?
A: Fabian is the passionate winemaker, bringing his international experience to create unique and innovative champagnes.

Q: What are the fundamental principles of Chavost when it comes to winemaking?
A: The estate favors minimal input vinification, seeking to reveal the purity and authenticity of the terroir.

Q: How many vines does the Chavost estate have?
A: The estate extends over 5 hectares of vines in conversion to organic farming.

Q: Where can I find Chavost champagnes?
A: The champagnes are available in a selection of specialist points of sale as well as on the estate's official online store.

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