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Champagne Vilmart: an Enchanted Universe

For five generations, the Vilmart champagne winemaker has embodied a singular story, shaped by intuition, precision of taste, and daring freedom. Founded in 1890 by Désiré Vilmart in Rilly-la-Montagne, at the foot of the Montagne de Reims, the Vilmart champagne house has gone through trials, notably the Second World War, where Renan, his grandson, courageously rebuilt after the destruction of the farm. Today, these buildings steeped in history still house the secrets of the Vilmart champagne winemaker, with each generation adding their stone.

Exceptional champagne terroir

The eleven hectares of the Vilmart champagne vineyard, all Premier Cru, are nestled in the exceptional terroir of Rilly-la-Montagne. With an astonishing majority of Chardonnay (60%), this property defies regional conventions, the remainder being planted in Pinot Noir. The average age of the vines is around thirty-five years, the oldest, at sixty years, being reserved exclusively for Cœur de Cuvée and Blanc de Blancs champagne.

Vilmart Champagne Winegrower, Respectful Viticulture

Committed to environmentally friendly viticulture, the champagne winemaker Vilmart is certified High Environmental Value and Sustainable Viticulture. Following the principles of the Ampélos charter, it excludes the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides, thus preserving the biodiversity and balance of its ecosystem. An attentive approach which is reflected in a unique champagne, true witnesses of the terroir.

The Philosophy of Patience

Patience, constancy, humility – these are the pillars of the Vilmart champagne philosophy. Laurent Champs, current guardian of this tradition, continues the quest for the perfect choice with honesty and moderation. His measured approach to viticulture is entirely dedicated to the quality of this sparkling wine, the result of a family heritage and a deep understanding of the terroir.

Champagne Vilmart Grande Réserve - A Harmonious Balance

Immerse yourself in the exquisite sensory experience of Vilmart Grande Réserve champagne, a sparkling wine that embodies the subtle art of balance. Composed of 30% Chardonnay and 70% Pinot Noir classified Premier Cru, this nectar stays ten months in oak barrels, without malolactic fermentation. The dosage of 9 g/l gives this Premier Cru champagne a perfect harmony between the primary aromas, revealing the freshness of the fruits, the secondary notes evoking biscuit, bread, and butter, as well as the tertiary mineral and spicy nuances. Grande Réserve champagne celebrates the elegance of Maison Vilmart, reflecting its heritage and commitment to timeless quality.

Champagne Vilmart Le Grand Cellier - Long-lasting Mineral Elegance

Discover excellence in a champagne bottle with the Grand Cellier, a masterful creation from Maison Vilmart. This prestigious blend of 70% Chardonnay and 30% Pinot Noir classified Champagne Premier Cru rests for ten months in oak barrels, without malolactic fermentation, to reach its sensory peak. The delicate dosage of 8 g/l accentuates the clarity of its finish, slightly mineral and of exceptional length. Discover taste impressions that evoke grapefruit, leaving in memory the liveliness of a dynamic and vigorous sparkling wine. Champagne Vilmart Grand Cellier, an ode to elegance which marks the continuity of the art of winemaking at this winemaker.

Winegrower's Champagne Vilmart Faq - Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Vilmart winemaker champagne unique?
A: Vilmart champagnes stand out for their centuries-old family history, an exceptional Premier Cru vineyard, environmentally friendly viticulture, and an artisanal approach that prioritizes quality.

Q: Why the high proportion of Chardonnay in the Vilmart vineyard?
A: Maison Vilmart deliberately chose a majority proportion of Chardonnay to create an exceptional champagne, thus defying the conventions of the region which favors Pinot Noir and Meunier.

Q: How is Champagne winemaker Vilmart’s philosophy of patience characterized in the winemaking process?
A: Patience is at the heart of the Vilmart champagne philosophy, guiding each step of the winemaking process to enhance this sparkling wine. This results in measured choices, consistency and humility which give birth to an exceptional champagne.

Q: What are the environmental certifications of Vilmart winemaker champagne?
A: The Vilmart champagne house is certified High Environmental Value (HVE) and Sustainable Viticulture (VDC), following the principles of the Ampélos charter, excluding the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides.

Q: How do Grande Réserve Vilmart champagne and Grand Cellier differ on a sensory level?
A: The Grande Réserve champagne seduces with its balance between primary, secondary and tertiary aromas, while the Grand Cellier offers a clean, slightly mineral finish, leaving in memory the liveliness of a dynamic sparkling wine.

Q: What is the role of Laurent Champs in continuing the family champagne tradition?
A: As guardian of the family tradition, Laurent Champs embodies the philosophy of patience, constancy and humility. He continues the quest for the perfect choice, inheriting and passing on the know-how that has distinguished Vilmart winemaker champagne for generations.

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