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If you've done your research – or even if you haven't – you'll know only too well that winning 27th place in the fabled Top 50 best Champagnes is something of a monumental achievement. This mark of excellence, bestowed by the Revue du Vin de France, is much coveted and one which the two brothers who founded Mumm probably had no idea they would one day be in the running for.

Beginning the House of G.H. Mumm in 1827, the pair focused on their job with a steely determination, and so it should come as no surprise that Mumm is, in fact, the third most loved Champagne brand in over 100 worldwide countries. Oh, and we should also say that they're the market leaders in France, too, although we highly doubt that will come as much of a shock!

As big as they come, and with a historic legacy behind them which can easily compete with any of the other top Champagne brands, this House strive for quality as well as quality. Producing an immense 8 million or so bottles every single year, as much as 60% are sent out of the country and end up in lands far and wide.

Champagne Mumm: A Wine Odyssey Since 1827

Since 1827, Maison G.H. Mumm has had its roots in the world of champagne, thus establishing its wine heritage long before its official foundation. The Mumm family lineage, dating back to the 12th century with barons and knights, engaged in the production and sale of wine as early as 1761 in Cologne, under the name "P.A. Mumm". By this time, the company had important vineyards in the Rhine Valley and produced its own wines.

The Champagne adventure began at the beginning of the 19th century when the three sons of Peter Arnold Mumm, Gottlieb, Jacobus and Philipp, visionaries and entrepreneurs, grasped the commercial potential of Champagne sparkling wine. Taking advantage of the "cordial peace" between Germany and France, they settled in Reims in 1827, creating a branch with the help of a Champenois, G. Heuser. From the beginning, the quest for quality became a constant rule, a motto embodied by Georges Hermann Mumm: “Only the best”.

Champagne Mumm: The Quest for Excellence and Innovation

Always at the forefront of innovation since its creation, the Mumm Champagne House has established a tradition of excellence. Installing the presses directly in the vineyards, a bold decision as early as 1827, expresses an unwavering commitment to quality, reflecting Georges Hermann Mumm's motto: "Only the best". Mumm Champagne House has constantly explored new methods to best express the powerful, rich and fruity character of Pinot Noir, grown in the Grand Cru village of Verzenay.

The Mumm champagne vineyard, acquired over two centuries, bears witness to the exceptionality of the terroir. 98% of the plots are classified on the Echelle des Crus, with a majority of 78% planted with Pinot Noir. Concerned about preserving this heritage, the Mumm Champagne House promotes biodiversity and seeks to reduce environmental pressure on its vineyards.

Champagne Mumm our selection

Mumm Grand Cordon: The Champagne Bottle Reinvented

Mumm Grand Cordon champagne, the embodiment of the House's emblematic style, goes beyond conventions by reinventing the bottle of this sparkling wine. The iconic red ribbon is now molded directly into the glass, a technical and aesthetic feat. This bottle of champagne demonstrates an alliance between tradition and innovation.

With grapes from more than 100 vintages, Mumm Grand Cordon champagne expresses all the nuances of the Pinot Noir from this terroir. Its assertive and complex profile offers a perfect balance between fresh and intense notes. A portion of the reserve wines aged in barrels further enriches the aromatic experience, making this champagne vintage an ode to elegance.

Champagne Mumm Cordon Rouge: A Timeless Classic

Ideal for an aperitif, Mumm Cordon Rouge champagne seduces with its intense aromatic freshness and its assertive aromas of yellow and white fruits. A sensory experience that transcends time, a symbol of the consistent quality of the Champagne House.

Champagne Mumm Rosé: Elegance in Pink

Mumm Rosé champagne is a masterpiece of blending, surprising with its fresh aromas of forest fruits, typical of Pinot Noir clusters. The addition of still red wines brings a singular aromatic intensity, with light and elegant notes of juicy fruit.

Harmonious as an aperitif, the fresh aromas of Mumm rosé champagne also go perfectly with a wide range of dishes. A refined taste experience that makes each tasting of rosé champagne a unique moment.

Champagne Mumm Demi-Sec: A Smooth Return

Coming from the oldest Champagne tradition, Mumm Demi-Sec champagne reinterprets the taste of 19th century consumers fond of a very sweet wine, sometimes exceeding 150 g/L. The gourmet signature of Maison G. H. Mumm, this cuvée perpetuates the tradition of dessert champagne, offering its roundness and generosity.

Adapted to contemporary palates, this creation revisits the past with a modern touch, seducing lovers of champagne and sweetness in every bubble.

Champagne Mumm - (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sets Mumm Grand Cordon champagne apart from other vintages?
A: Mumm Grand Cordon champagne is distinguished by its reinvented bottle, with the red ribbon molded directly into the glass, creating a unique aesthetic. Its unique taste profile results from the blend of grapes from more than 100 vintages, offering a perfect balance between freshness and intensity.

Q: Why did Mumm Champagne House choose the Montagne de Reims to grow Pinot Noir?
A: The Montagne de Reims, in particular the Grand Cru village of Verzenay, is renowned for its powerful, rich and fruity Pinot Noir. The Mumm Champagne House has chosen this exceptional terroir to best express the unique characteristics of this grape variety.

Q: How does Mumm Demi-Sec champagne adapt to contemporary tastes?
A: Although traditionally very sweet, Mumm Demi-Sec champagne has been revisited to adapt to contemporary palates while retaining its gourmet signature. This champagne cuvée offers a balanced experience of roundness and generosity, seducing lovers of sweetness.

Q: What is the technical prowess behind the Mumm Grand Cordon champagne bottle?
A: The Grand Cordon Mumm champagne bottle presents a technical feat by integrating the iconic red ribbon directly into the glass. This innovation combines tradition and modernity, creating a unique and aesthetically impressive bottle of champagne.

Q: How does Mumm Champagne House contribute to preserving the environment in its vineyards?
A: The Mumm Champagne House promotes biodiversity and seeks to reduce environmental pressure on its vineyards. It takes measures to preserve the exceptional terroir which offers remarkable quality grapes, with an emphasis on sustainable agricultural practices.

Q: What is the origin of the famous red ribbon of Mumm Cordon Rouge champagne?
A: The iconic red ribbon of Mumm Cordon Rouge champagne was introduced in 1876. It symbolizes the distinction of this vintage of champagne and has become an iconic element of the brand, recognizable throughout the world.

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