Magnum of PERRIER-JOUET Champagne Blanc De Blancs
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DUVAL-LEROY champagne Cumières BIO 2005 vintage
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DUVAL-LEROY champagne Clos des Bouveries 2006 vintage
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Discover Coessens champagne

When you taste their Champagne, you'll be transported to a world of opulence and refinement. This is truly a champagne like no other.

Thanks to the vineyard's four sub-plots, each with its own characteristic taste, Largillier is able to produce eight different wines. The Coessens Champagne, named for its mineral-like flavor, is a crisp and refreshing wine that pairs well with food. The Fruit champagnes are light and fruity, perfect for an aperitif. The Flower champagnes are delicate and floral, while the Substance champagnes are rich and full-bodied. Whatever your preference, Largillier's Coessens Champagne has a wine to suit your taste.

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