Magnum of Champagne JACQUESSON Cuvée 747
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Bottle of Champagne JACQUESSON Cuvée 747
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DE VENOGE champagne Louis XV 1996
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The brand G.H. Mumm with the red ribbon are somewhat of an enigma. Producing highly sought after wine, they manage to create a lasting impression on everyone they come across, as well as selling as much as 5 million bottles of the popular Cordon Rouge every twelve months. Found at some of the biggest parties and celebrity events around, Mumm dominate the commercial Champagne market, but never allow their quality to slip.

In other words, this House are as comfortable producing Champagne for the economically minded as for those with an almost infinite budget. Able to cater across the board, no matter what number of bottles are needed, Mumm excel at every level and are constantly evolving, producing new bottles with that same sparkle that has never let them down.

Among Mumm's vast, dominating range of Champagnes are Brut and Brut Vintage Champagne. Add to this their luxurious pink Champagne and you have a stunning selection of prices and flavours, finished superbly by their flagship luxury bottles: the Blanc de Blancs Champagne and Mumm Cuvée de Prestige Cramant.

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