Magnum of Champagne JACQUESSON Cuvée 747
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Bottle of Champagne JACQUESSON Cuvée 747
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DE VENOGE champagne Louis XV 1996
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Pommery Champagne

Pommery is a world-renowned champagne house, celebrated for its innovation and elegance since its establishment in 1836 in Reims, France. Founded by Narcisse Greno with a vision for superior quality champagne, the brand soared under the visionary leadership of Madame Louise Pommery. Known for introducing the brut style to champagne making, Pommery pioneered the production of dry champagnes suited to modern tastes.

The vast and impressive Pommery cellars, carved into ancient Roman chalk quarries, provide an ideal aging environment that contributes to the complexity and finesse of its cuvées. Today, Pommery continues to symbolize innovation and luxury, with a commitment to excellence and an international presence that honors its rich heritage.

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