Magnum of Champagne JACQUESSON Cuvée 747
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Bottle of Champagne JACQUESSON Cuvée 747
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DE VENOGE champagne Louis XV 1996
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Champagne Jacquesson - Effervescent Pearls of Champagne

Unlike some houses, the Champagne Jacquesson has had a slightly chequered history. Through no fault of its own, it's beginnings were marked by certain organisational difficulties: such as a period in the mid-nineteenth Century when Champagne-making ground almost to a halt.

Fortunately, though, this pause in the proceedings was a mere fly in the ointment. Since 1974 when it changed hands – being bought by the Chiquet's, a family with big plans for the brand – the House has more than excelled, redeeming its reputation and building a brand-new level of reputation which had been previously non-existent.

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