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Champagne Exception Blanche Grand Cru from Mailly Grand Cru

Champagne Exception Blanche Grand Cru from Maison MAILLY GRAND CRU embodies the very essence of refinement and exceptional quality. Made 100% from the Chardonnay grape variety, this exceptional champagne offers an unforgettable sensory experience. The reputation of Maison MAILLY Grand Cru is based on its incessant quest for excellence, symbolized by this rare and precious vintage.

Champagne Exception Blanche An Extraordinary Elegance

Located among the rare exclusively single Grand Cru estates in Champagne, MAILLY Grand Cru benefits from unrivaled distinction. The vineyard extends over 35 localities offering a diversity of terroirs exposed to the four cardinal points. This diversity allows the vine to flourish on hillside reliefs, drawing its singular freshness and elegant stature from limestone soil, offering a round minerality with subtle saline reflections. This singularity constitutes the soul of MAILLY Grand Cru.

Since its founding in 1929, Maison MAILLY Grand Cru has been engaged in a relentless quest for quality and authenticity. Successive generations of winegrowers have joined forces to express the unique richness of this great terroir, with pride and perseverance, giving birth to an emblematic brand: MAILLY Grand Cru.

An Exclusive Production Process for an exceptional champagne

The process of producing Champagne Exception Blanche Grand Cru from Mailly Grand Cru is marked by exceptional attention to detail and know-how.

Making champagne

The rigorous selection of Chardonnay grapes, picked at perfect maturity, constitutes the starting point for this exceptional champagne. Winemaking is done using traditional techniques, where each step is carried out with precision and delicacy, thus preserving the purity and aromatic complexity of the grape variety.

A Unique Sensory Profile

Champagne Exception Blanche Grand Cru reveals a unique and captivating sensory profile, a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

Sensory Profile: When tasting, this champagne offers a luminous color of a pale gold hue, revealing brilliant and crystalline reflections. The nose reveals subtle aromas of white flowers, enhanced with notes of citrus and white-fleshed fruits. On the palate, mineral freshness combines with remarkable finesse, offering a creamy texture and harmonious liveliness.

The finish is of unparalleled elegance, persistent and balanced, leaving a memorable and refined imprint on the palate. This cuvée embodies the perfect harmony between the aromatic power of Chardonnay and the characteristic finesse of Grand Cru champagnes.

Food and Champagne Pairings Exception Blanche

Champagne Exception Blanche Grand Cru from Mailly Grand Cru is the ideal companion to enhance unique gastronomic moments.

Its freshness and finesse make it a versatile champagne, ideal as an aperitif to celebrate festive moments. It also goes perfectly with delicate dishes such as seafood, fine fish and refined poultry dishes. Its liveliness and elegance make it a perfect companion for fruity desserts.

Conservation and Tasting

To preserve all the quality and authenticity of Champagne Exception Blanche Grand Cru, a few recommendations are necessary.

Storage: It is recommended to store this vintage in a cool, dark place, away from light and temperature variations. Elongated or slightly tilted, the bottle must be stored in optimal conditions to preserve its taste qualities.

Tasting: Before tasting, it is advisable to place the bottle in the refrigerator for a few hours in order to serve this champagne at an ideal temperature, between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius. Serving in slender flutes will highlight its subtle aromas and finesse.

The Heritage of Exception Blanche Champagne

The excellence of Maison MAILLY Grand Cru and its Exception Blanche Grand Cru Champagne is part of a prestigious tradition and heritage.

For almost a century, Maison MAILLY Grand Cru has perpetuated ancestral know-how, passed down from generation to generation. This constancy in the search for perfection and this passion for the terroir are found magnificently embodied in each bottle of Champagne Exception Blanche Grand Cru.

Champagne Exception - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is special about Champagne Exception Blanche Grand Cru from Mailly Grand Cru?
A: Champagne Exception Blanche Grand Cru is unique due to its exclusive composition of 100% Chardonnay, offering incomparable elegance and finesse.

Q: When is the best time to taste this exceptional champagne?
A: This champagne lends itself to different occasions, whether festive celebrations or refined tasting moments. It can be enjoyed as an aperitif or accompanied by delicacies such as seafood or poultry dishes.

Q: How best to store Exception Blanche Grand Cru Champagne?
A: For optimal conservation, it is recommended to store the bottle of Exception champagne in a cool, dark place without temperature variations, thus preserving its taste qualities.

Q: What is the process of making this exceptional champagne?
A: The Exception Blanche Grand Cru cuvée is produced with a meticulous process, including a rigorous selection of Chardonnay grapes and traditional vinification followed by aging on lees in the cellars of Maison MAILLY Grand Cru.

Q: What culinary pairings do you recommend with Exception champagne?
A: This champagne pairs perfectly with fine foods such as seafood, delicate fish and poultry dishes, as well as fruity desserts.

Q: What is the heritage of Maison MAILLY Grand Cru?
A: Maison MAILLY Grand Cru has perpetuated since its founding in 1929 a legacy of excellence and passion for the Champagne terroir, highlighting the authentic expression of a unique Grand Cru.

This Exception Blanche Grand Cru champagne from Mailly Grand Cru thus embodies the very essence of elegance and sophistication, testifying to the unparalleled know-how and prestigious heritage of this emblematic house of the Champagne terroir.