DEUTZ champagne Amour de Deutz rosé 2013 vintage
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DOM PERIGNON champagne 2013 vintage With box
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LAURENT-PERRIER Champagne 2012 vintage
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SALON Champagne Blanc De Blancs Vintage 2012
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The House of Gautherot and its surrounding vineyards lie on an area of land where magic comes to life with some of the finest old vines going. An area which has grown with demand over the years, the presence of the House has been established here ever since the mid-seventeenth Century.

And in a culture where the finest details must be carefully managed to produce quality, Bertrand Gautherot is one whose name stands head and shoulders above many others. Dedicated to creating the ultimate Champagne, here is a man whose mass of knowledge and skill combines to infuse wine with remarkable characteristics that are almost unrivalled by any other House. With an emphasis on excitement and flavours that cascade and burst in the mouth, Champagne from the House of Gautherot can never be considered dull.

Another endearing feature of this House is their constant reassessment of what is and isn't suitable for Champagne making. For example, some years ago the firm independently questioned the role that herbicides play in the process, and it was this reconsideration that led to a complete halting of any such technique. Ever since then, the name of the game has been biodynamics, and this has led to a revolution at the House, drawing yet more Champagne enthusiasts to what is fast becoming a highly unique style of winemaking.

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